Prices are subject to negotiation.

Billing of the interpreting services

Interpreting services are billed based on the time the interpreter is required to be available for the customer, irrespective of the type of interpretingSimultaneous, consecutive, whispered – see Services:

  • Interpreting up to 1 hour in Bratislava – One-hour rate
  • Interpreting up to 4 hours – Half-day rate
  • Interpreting up to 8 hours – Full day rate

For interpreting assignments out of Bratislava the customer will be expected to pay any expenses incurred (travelling, accommodation, board).

Billing of the translation services

Translations are usually billed based on the quantity of text to be translated. Local practice in Slovakia is to bill based on the number of “standard pages”, where 1 standard page = 1800 characters including spaces. However, international customers are more familiar with using the number of words in the source text to determine the size of the translation. Customers can choose a method that best suits their needs or conventions.

Note: Depending on the type and size of fonts a single physical page may contain more than one standard pages of text! To find out the number of characters (with spaces) or words in an MS Word document go to Word Count in Tools menu or under Review tab (depending on the version of MS Word).

The price of translation may be effected by:

  • delivery date
  • complexity of the text
  • complex format or editing

We offer significant discounts for repetitious or slightly modified parts of the text (80% to 100% “fuzzy matches” based on the CAT tool analysis).

Of course, digits in tables and other parts of the text not to be translated will be excluded from the word count.

Other billing methods may be used upon request.

If you want to know the price of a specific translation job or interpreting and you prefer high quality, we will gladly send you a price quotation. Please contact us here.

Terms and conditions

For standard terms and conditions of translations and interpreting visit Slovak Association of Translators and Interpreters or download it from here:

Standard conditions – translations (PDF, 101 kB)
Standard conditions - interpreting (PDF, 115 kB)


The services provided will be invoiced. The maturity date as agreed, usually 15 to 30 days. Entia s.r.o. is a registered VAT payer.

Acceptance MarkWe accept payment by PayPal (especially from international customers).