Glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopaedias

Ask Oxford - Oxford dictionaries, quotes, questions and answers (EN)

Encyclopaedia Britannica - one of the useful encyclopaedias (EN)

The Free Dictionary - a reference dictionary with both British and American pronunciation (EN)

Investor Words - a very good finance and investment glossary (EN)

Oilfield glossary - a large glossary of oil production terms (EN)

CO to je - term search in Czech period dictionaries: Ottův slovník naučný, Ottův slovník naučný nové doby, Malá československá encyklopedie and Universum – all of them originating back in 19th and the first half of the 20th century. (CZ)

Wikipedia EN and Wikipedia SK - perhaps the best known and most frequently used internet encyclopaedia

Urban Dictionary - a dictionary of modern slang (EN)

Meriam Webster Visual Dictionary - a pictorial dictionary. Sometimes pictures indeed speak a thousand words. (EN)

Meriam Webster - another decent general English dictionary (EN)

Translation assisting sources - answers to millions of questions (EN)

RoyMech - useful information, charts, formulas and terminology from the area of mechanical and material engineering (EN)

Roymech - Geometrical Tolerancing - dimension tolerances in technical drawings (EN)

Mitcalc – Tolerances and fits - description of machine part fits and tolerances (EN)

SR Railway traffic regulations - a lot of useful terminology from the field of railway transport, infrastructure, station and track equipment, etc. (SK)

SR Industrial Property Authority - an excellent website for searching patens published in various countries. PDF files with complete patent applications. (SK)

Invitation consultants - Find out how to officially invite her majesty queen to your birthday party. Wording for invitations of all kinds. (EN)

Law approximation Department of the SR Government Office - extensive SK/EN EU legislation glossaries, a manual for translating acts of the EU Council, and more (SK/EN)

Law Approximation Department and Technical Support Department of SR GO - a registry of official translations of EU and SR legislation (SK/EN)

Inštrukcia k patentovým prihláškam - instructions as to what a patent application should contain and how it should look like. Important to know when translating patent applications. (SK)

English in general

English forums - a forum for cracking linguistic nuts (EN)

Un-English markers - Some characteristic mistakes made by foreigners whose English is otherwise good and a couple of other interesting articles (EN)

Wordspy - Researching the origin and meaning of new words occurring in English language (EN)

British National Corpus - a simple search in BNC – World (EN)

Guide to Grammar and Style By Jack Lynch - quite nice guide to English grammar and style (EN)

Slovak in general

Slovak National Corpus - an electronic database of Slovak language with additional linguistic information and a powerful search engine (SK)

Online Lexicon of Slovak - the on-line version of the Short Dictionary of Slova. (SK)

A word with Slovak language - almost legendary programme broadcasted daily by the Slovak Radio (SK)

Tools for translators

Tools for translators - a number of useful (paid) tools for increasing the translation efficiency, for instance when working with Excel of PowerPoint (EN)

Multilingual - Free tools for translators - other tools and macros for translators, including a macro for word/character counting in PowerPoint (EN)

Intelliwebsearch - very useful search tool for translators allowing you to search several websites and/or dictionaries installed on your hard drive at once (EN)

Professional associations

Slovak Association Of Translators And Interpreters (SK/EN)

Union of Interpreters and Translators (CZ/SK/EN)

Interpreting equipment

T Service, s.r.o. (EN)

Contest, s.r.o. (EN)

Konseza, s.r.o. in Zilina, Central Slovakia (EN)

Miscellaneous - a website with fantastic video tutorials for learning various software – Photoshop, Office, web design, you name it. Paid but well worth every cent. (EN)